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With the diverse ministries of the church,  many decorative and ministry items were being added into our collection. The church office ended up looking like a store room. The cry for more storage space was obvious. Since there was limited land space available, the only option was for us to build upwards. The idea was to build a 6-storey building to cater for this expansion, which would be more than enough for our present and future use.

For technical reasons, to offset the space we wanted to have, the architect ended up drawing the building 10 storeys high. When we saw the completed drawing, the question in our heart was, "Why not 10 storeys?"   There was peace and faith in our hearts that this could be done. Again, it was the invisible hands of God working in the situation. The decision to build a 10-storey building was not out of our own great faith but out of our trusting in His grace.We wanted an ultra-modern building that would exceed the normal expectation and look!


Drawing plan of Calvary Crown

YEAR 2007
Vision conceived 异像诞生

OCT 2010
Building plan approved by town council 斗湖市政局批准建筑蓝图

APR 2011
Piling works completed 建筑根基完工

JUNE 2014
Calvary Crown completed 加略山冠冕完工

How could an award-winning UK designer from Lord Howe, acclaimed for his design work on the British Telecom Tower in London, commit himself to designing a church building in Tawau? This was the question many were asking. And how could a small church afford to engage such a renowned designer? The answer is nothing short of the invisible hands of God working in mysterious ways.

In 2008, Rev. Teh went on a mission trip to Malawi, Africa to conduct a leadership training conference. On his way back, he visited Brother Ong Teong Kiat who had migrated to UK. He shared about the progress of the church as well as the vision for the new building. It was just a sketchy vision then. Brother Ong immediately introduced his friend Mr. Mike Watson, an interior designer who had just moved to Australia, to Rev. Teh. The following year, Rev. Teh was invited to preach for the very first time in Brisbane, Australia, near to the residence of Mr. Mike Watson. They met and discussed the project which was only in its infancy stage.

That was the beginning of a partnership in carrying out this great project which spanned over 5 years.

As a confirmation to what God was doing, Mr. Mike Watson, a devoted Christian, shared with us a prophecy he had received shortly after returning from his work in Saudi Arabia around the year 1998. The prophecy was that he would be involved in digging trenches of a new church building, and that he would be one of the leading figures in that project, though not the leader. 10 years after this prophecy was released, he indeed found himself sweating and toiling in this building project in Borneo, knowing that it was God’s call for him. Without these words of commission by God, he would have given up on the project halfway through due to multiple frustrations. The church truly appreciates his tireless effort in helping to make this project a reality. 

Mr. Mike Watson

Calvary Crown designer

一位获得 Lord Howe 荣誉奖项的设计师,怎么会来到斗湖委身设计一间教会的建筑物?这个就是许多人的疑惑:怎么可能一个小教会聘得起这么有显赫有名的设计师?答案是神那行神迹奇事的恩手。

2008年,郑牧师在非洲马拉维宣教之旅回程中,探访了移居英国的前会友王仲吉弟兄。郑牧师向王弟兄分享教会的进展,包括要建立一座楼的异象。当时只是初步的理念,王弟兄马上介绍这位已经移民澳洲的室内设计师予郑牧师认识。隔年,郑牧师受邀到澳洲布里斯本讲道,恰巧也是在该名室内设计师Mike Watson的住处附近。他们会面以及讨论这建筑物的计划。


这个是印证上帝的工作。Mike Watson,一位虔诚的基督徒,分享在1998年当他从沙地阿拉伯工作回来后领受了一个预言。预言是讲述他在一所新的教会建筑中挖掘沟槽,他会是那项计划中的主要人物。10年之后,这个预言实践,他发觉自己就为着婆罗洲斗湖这小城市里帮忙建筑这工程。倘若不是神的差遣,他肯定会因为这个工程所面对的无数技术问题和挫折而放弃!教会非常感激他不辞辛劳地完成这个工程。

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