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I. Threefold purposes of a cell group:

1. To reach up:  We minister to God through prayer, praise and worship.
2. To reach in: We disciple and build one another up in the Holy Faith!
3. To reach out: We reach out to those outside and multiply!

II. What do we do in a cell group meeting: Acts 2: 42-47
They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

1. Devoted to the Apostles' teaching: 

The apostle’s teaching (not your own opinion) is of the utmost importance. 
They are devoted to the apostle: They know apostles are servants of the Lord and they are here to lead them. They are loyal to them!
They are committed to work the teaching into each others’ life and to grow together as one body!

2. Fellowship: The sharing of one another’s life; there is an exchange of life through our meetings.

3. Breaking of bread: Remember what Christ has done and His coming again! ( Upward)
i. The cell meeting is Christ centred! We are dependent on Christ to receive His life and blessing.
ii. It is cross centred! It reminds us of the sacrificial life we are to live for Christ. 
iii. It has God’s Kingdom in view. 
We are dedicated to establish His Kingdom on earth to usher His coming again!

4. Devoted to Prayer and praise : 

God is not a safety net when all else fails. God is the source of everything.

III. What is the outcome of our cell meeting?

1. Everyone is ministered to and as they encounter God, lives are impacted. 

2. Unity of purpose! 

We help those in midst to rise up. 

3.  Cell meeting should also be spontaneous! They meet every day! 

4. They reach out to others with their good deeds. 
Growth comes as a result of our lives and we influence those who know us!


1. 向上:我们借着祷告、赞美和敬拜服事神!
2. 向内:我们彼此门训和建立在神的信心!
3. 向外:我们向外接触带来倍增!






1. 每一个人都被服事并遇见神:生命被影响。
2. 在目的和目标上合一!我们帮助小组的人兴起来。
3. 小组的聚会成为我们生命的方式!他们天天团契!
4. 他们以善行向外接触。当我们的生命影响那些认识我们的人时,成长就临到!

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