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Taska Superkids, a nursery for tomorrow's kids. It specializes in child care and preschool education. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation for children to have a cutting edge towards smart learning. Holistic learning environment for each child to have a healthy balance in all areas. Every individual has inborn talents and when given a stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment, they can be discovered, nurtured and developed. The learning activities at Taska Superkids focus on the development on language skill, concepts; motor development, self help skills and socialization skills.

Providing quality care and education for the young is certainly a step towards fulfilling the vision of Calvary Church, Tawau as "A Caring Community".

The vision was birthed in 1996 in recognition of the importance of sound education in the total upbringing of a child. We see the importance of building up the younger generation with a strong and firm foundation. On 23rd of November 1996, the history of Taska Superkids begin. The Welfare Department officer Encik Sari Bin Arshad was invited to officiate the open day of Taska Superkids.

Teachers are fully trained through in-house and compulsory courses on Early Child Care Education organized by the Department of Social Welfare. Due to the overwhelming response from the parents, our school was renovated on the year of 2006. While the school was expanded again on December 2007 and 2008 respectively as well as the car park.


TASKA SUPERKIDS是一间培育明日优秀儿童的幼儿园,专重在幼儿的看顾和他们的学前教育。我们的目标是为幼儿建立坚固的根基,使他们在精明的学习上能走在时代的尖端。本幼儿园拥有一个全备的学习环境,以促使他们在各方面都得到平衡与健全的发展。每一个人都有与生俱来的潜能,当这潜能在一个适合的环境中被激发时,就可以被发掘、培养和发展。SUPERKIDS 幼儿园的学习活动是着重在语言技巧和观念的发展、动力发展、自助的技能和社交技巧。


SUPERKIDS 幼儿园成立于1996年11月23日,当时的福利部官员Encik Sari Bin Arshad 受邀主持开幕典礼。



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