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Powered Youth was started after the church explored different ways of doing youth ministry. When Ps. Teh attended a Christian concert with his daughter, he experienced the presence of God in a powerful way. This resulted in the change of his mindset regarding contemporary Christian music and how youth ministry should be conducted. Together with Brother Donny Ngu, the Youth Pastor of Calvary, they started Powered Youth. This brought about a period of revival among the youth. Today this youth ministry continues to grow and impact the community and beyond. 


The Powered Youth worship team went on a Peninsular Malaysia tour of churches in Seremban and Johor Baru, making great impact among the youth through powerful music and sharing of the Word of God. This ministry soon became a movement with churches in Triang, Malacca, Sibu, Petaling Jaya, Kota Kinabalu, Perlis, Kedah and certain regions in the Philippines adopting this approach of doing youth ministry. "Living a life of purpose and entering into the fullness of what God has prepared for us" has been the ongoing theme of this youth ministry. 



Today, the Powered Youth team is invited to many primary and secondary schools in Tawau to conduct motivational and educational talks. Topics include “Who Am I?", sex education, leadership training, self -identity and anti-drug campaigns. The positive impact of this ministry has spread far and wide.  Schools as far as Kunak and Semporna have also invited the Powered Youth team to give these talks.

Powered Youth 劲力青年是在教会不间断的试验及探索下诞生。当郑牧师跟随他的女儿参加一个基督音乐演唱会时,他经历到神的同在。这个经历改变了他对现代基督音乐的看法以及清楚了青年事工要走的方向。随后在青年牧师吴岳荣协助下开始了Powered Youth 事工。这带来青年事工的复兴,并持续的影响斗湖及以外的社区。


Powered Youth 劲力青年是在教会不间断的试验及探索下诞生。当郑牧师跟随他的女儿参加一个基督音乐演唱会时,他经历到神的同在。这个经历改变了他对现代基督音乐的看法以及清楚了青年事工要走的方向。随后在青年牧师吴岳荣协助下开始了Powered Youth 事工。这带来青年事工的复兴,并持续的影响斗湖及以外的社区。

Powered Youth 敬拜团到西马的森美兰及新山作巡回服事。他们藉着强而有力的敬拜和神的话语在青少年团中带来极大的震撼。这服事随即与其他区域的教会成为一个运动。甚至菲律宾也效法我们的服事。活出一个有命定的生命和进入神为我们预备的丰盛里一直都是这青年事工的主题。



如今,Powered Youth 被斗湖多间中小学邀请主讲各类的激励和教育性讲座,讲座主题包括我是谁,性教育,领袖训练,身份的信息和反毒运动。外埠如仙本那、古纳及拿笃的学校也在 Powered Youth 的服事名单里。



Set up in order for youth to have an avenue to express their God-given talents and to encourage teamwork and skills, this competition focuses on group performances such as bands and dance troupes. This competition has been a great success, drawing students from both national and private schools. It is an annual event that many students look forward to. Some of the winners of this competition have gone on to become successful in the music industry.

Youth Got Talents这个竞赛以乐队及舞队为主,以为年轻人提供一个平台,让他们表现神赋予他们生命里的音乐才华及鼓励团队精神。这活动成功地成为斗湖学生们期待的年度活动。其中有一些的优胜者甚至后来成为音乐界的佼佼者。

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