Jesus the capstone

Jesus, The Rock, the chef corner stone, is our foundation! We are builders of God’s spiritual temple. The rock the builders rejected  has become the cap stone. How do we align our lives to be building on Jesus the chief corner?


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Unshakeable Foundation

A building collapsed not because there is no foundation, it is due to faulty foundation. When we build our life upon the rock, the solid ground by obeying God’s ways, we will be able to stand in times of severe trails! Discover some of the faulty foundations we have built our life upon and hear what Jesus is telling us through this series of messages.


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Fellowship with the God Father

"We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ." - 1 John 1:3

"我们将所看见、所听见的传给你们,使你们与我们相交。我们乃是与父并他儿子耶稣基督相交的" - 约翰一书 1:3

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Entering into God's rest

Be still, and know that I am God.
(Psalm 46:10)

The distraction around us and our inner voice opposing God's ways will keep us from completing the race God has set out for us! The practice of how to be still so that we will know God is what every Christian need to master.


(诗篇 46:10)

我们周围的干扰和内心的声音反对上帝的方式将阻止我们完成神为我们设定的种族! 每一个基督徒都需要练习如何保持安静,这样我们才能知道神。

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From Abram to Abraham

Abraham becomes The Father of faith by taking a faith journey of following God and discovering who really he is in God’s plan and purpose. As children of Abraham , let us learn from Father Abraham how we too can inherit his promises!


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My name given by God

God told Moses: “I know you by name”
(Exodus 33:12)

We are created by God’s design. He knew us before we were born. He has a name assigned to us which gives us our calling and the destiny he had planned for our life on earth. Pursue to live out our God given name and enter into our destiny! 

神告诉摩西说 :“我按你的名认识你" (出埃及记 33:12)


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Schemes of Devil

We cannot win a war that we are not aware of. The devil is working to steal, kill and destroy what God has planned for us. We need to know how to fight against him.


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The scheme of Satan is working through the offence of man! It is expected  that we will experience offenses in life but to hold on to the offense is to fall into the schemes of Satan!


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Season of taking possession
of our inheritance


When you miss your season, you miss your harvest! To know God’s season for us and move with the time will bring great harvest for our life!


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Guard our heart

Guard our heart for out off it flow the issues of life.
Prov. 4:23  


箴言 4:23

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Speaking in tongues

Many have neglected the practice of speaking in tongue due to the lack of understanding of its functions and practice! Find out why you need to speak in tongue to enter into the mystery of God’s will for your life!


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Holy Nation

The Kingdom of God is here! God is building His Church to be a Holy Nation so that we can be a blessing and testimony to the nations!


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Get to the top

The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. Deut. 28:13 

It is the minority at the top of every sphere of society that influences the masses. We need to be at the top to influence culture and society for the Kingdom.


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A man after God's heart

David was so special before God. We too aspire to know God’s heart and be that special person before God.


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Life is changing at a fast pace! Understand the journey into your promise land by successfully dealing with the challenges in transition.


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Dealing with anger

Anger can be managed and turn into an emotion that will profit us rather than destroying us! Let anger work for your good!


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Wholeness from
wounded emotion

Getting hurts is inevitable in our dealings with people. Learn how you can be healed and set free from your emotional wounds!


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Who am I ?

Even after being reborn, a lot of us still live our old selves, not being able to fully live out our identity as children of God. This series of lessons will not only help you truly know who you are, it will bring to your life a tremendous breakthrough and change.


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