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Updated: Feb 1, 2020



Chuck Pierce Prophesies: We Need A New Glory (Part 4)

This is one of the wiles of the enemy – to hold us captive in the last manifestation of God. Therefore, we live in the past rather than move into the best that is ahead for our lives. This is how religious spirits operate.

The Lord taught His disciples to pray using a model prayer, which we know as the Lord's Prayer. We have access to Father's throne room, but we must access the revelation for us to triumph and establish that in the earth realm.

The government of heaven must enter our atmosphere, align with the government of God in the earth and liberate the armies of God and the land!

A time to plow.

Amos 9:13 says, “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord, “When the plowman shall overtake the one who is reaping, and the treader of grapes the one who is sowing the seed; the mountains will drip sweet wine, and all the hills will flow with it.”

This is a word for today.

Prophetic seeds that have been sown and declared in your region should be plowed up! The Lord has put us into a plowing season. The prophetic seeds that didn't come up in one season should be declared alive and receive a new breath of His Spirit.

I see teams of plowmen being connected together.

Many of us have received revelation but tried to plow alone. However, if we connect and plow together, the harvest of God in a region will be gathered. This is a key time for alignment.


Young adults aged 20 to 35 are welcome to join our fellowship.

- it is FREE. Contact Bro. Louvis (016-8202127).


Welcoming Rev. Richard Wee

We want to extend our warm welcome to Rev. Richard Wee.

Let us prepare our hearts to receive the word from God’s servant.


Sunday Worship Special Meeting ~

Rev. Christopher Lim And Team From Subang Life River Church

Date: 15 Mar (Sun) Time: 730pm Venue: Shammah Hall


Healing Training ~ Paul Rapley

20 Mar (Fri) 7.30pm Venue: Shammah Hall

21 Mar (Sat) 1.30pm-5pm Venue: Shammah Hall

22 Mar (Sun) 9am,11.30am,7.30pm Venue: Shammah Hall


Church tithing or offering with Boost

Now, you can tithe or give offering to Church with Boost by scanning the barcode displayed at the Church notice board. After tithing via Boost, kindly screenshot the payment page and email it to or whatsapp 016-821-3240 for record purposes.


Visitation & Intercession Ministry

For visitation and prayer request, please contact or WhatsApp :

1) Pastor Koh : 016-8316589

2) Sis. Ivy Chang : 016-8269638

3) Sis. Chok Shu Hen (Mrs Ku) : 016-8292824

4) Sis. Chok Nyuk Tsin : 014-7840043

5) Bro. Peter Ngu : 011-10575253


Encounter with God Wednesday 7.30pm Shammah Hall

Come and seek God. Learn to dwell in His presence!


【Sunday Bilingual Service Schedule for Pre-service Prayer & Offering】

2/2 - Bro. Radaha & Ku Kwok Cheong CG

9/2 - Sis. Lily Chok CG


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